Regeneron Stock Compensation Planning

Astra Wealth Partners specializes in equity compensation, such as RSUs, RSAs, and NSOs. We help our clients reduce concentration risk driven by your employer equity grants while maintaining tax efficiency. The various types of equity grants provided at Regeneron create circumstances that can be optimized with sophisticated tax planning and strategies to reduce concentration risk. Specifically, a tax loss harvesting strategy can be beneficial to offset large unrealized capital gains in your portfolio. In addition to guidance on equity compensation, we provide expertise in investment management, retirement projections, and a number of other personal finance concerns.

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Restricted stock units, or RSUs, and restricted stock awards, or RSAs, are types of equity grants that provide shares of company stock, traditionally with a time-based vesting requirement. The grant is often based on a fixed number of shares as of a predetermined date. Upon vesting, you will owe ordinary income tax on the newly vested fair market value (the stock price multiplied by the number of shares).

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Non-qualified stock options, or NSOs, are a type of equity grant that provides the option to buy shares of company stock at a specific price, a strike price. When the option is exercised, you will pay ordinary income tax on the difference between the grant price and the exercise price, as well as FICA taxes. Proper planning around NSOs can be useful in balancing volatility of the stock with potential tax gains as a result of exercising the options.

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