Management Services

Strategic Planning

Astra Wealth Partners provides comprehensive wealth management services. We take a holistic view by integrating equity compensation strategies, tax planning, retirement planning, and investment strategies to simplify your complex financial life.

Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation

We help clients navigate the complexities associated with the various types of equity compensation and employee benefits, such as; Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), Non-qualified Stock Options (NSQO), Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), and Employee Stock Purchase Programs (ESPPs).

Tax-Efficient Investing

Strategic Tax-Efficient Investing

Our investment philosophy focuses on the factors within an investor’s control to optimize risk-adjusted returns and tax efficiency. Since every client is unique, we tailor each portfolio to the client’s preferences and objectives.

Tax Forecasting

Proactive Tax Planning

We will help you minimize your tax bill for the current and future years through tax-efficient investments, maximizing deductions, tax credits, and opportunities for deferrals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Services

Retirement is a major transition that is unique to every person. We help you build confidence through customized retirement planning that encompasses your individualized vision and goals.

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